30 Funny, Touching, and Relatable Illustrations From Childhood Created By An Indonesian Artist

Childhood memories are forever, and so fun to remember. And, for most people, their childhood memories will be with them in their hearts forever. So, do you remember playing cards or plotting and finding out who loves whom more. And, every adventure and experience is so precious, yet it was as random and funny as it may seem now.

Throughout our childhood, we all have done so many stupid things. And we created so many moments that give us a nostalgic feel. We’re adults now, and we might think about how things were more enjoyable and manageable when we were kids. Yet, Nostalgia is so fun. So, It is kind of a homesick feeling, and we feel it at some random times.

If you’re looking for a cheerful way to kill the next few moments, then see this. No, we’re not sharing the top 10 exercises to make your mood so much better. And, we have something nostalgic for you, but firstly, you have to meet an artist.

So, meet Dhany Pramata, he is an Indonesian artist, and he has created 30 illustrations that will give you a full nostalgic feeling and make you feel like a child again. So, the images are original and hilarious, and it’s hard not to want to laugh at our little ones! The best part is, they are all made by one man, so go ahead, scroll and have a look.


1. Absolute Happiness!


2. Listening to your favorite song on cassette tapes and reading song lyrics was really cool.


3. When inspecting your capabilities and experimenting with different things was fun


4. You can fall asleep anywhere and then when you wake up, you're in bed.


5. Exploring things around you just to figure out if they are good


6. You haven't lived your childhood till you put a hairclip on each side of the lips!


7. The thought of running away from home after a dispute with your parents


8. Definitely not! We didn't want our schoolwork to be on top of the pile on the teacher's desk.


9. You can never have plenty of refrigerator magnets!! I'm a memomagnetist, LOL!


10. When you wake up in a strange place, not knowing where you are. Oh! That's my friend's house.


11. A patch of damp on the ceiling could be a sign of something scary. A monster, maybe?


12. When the only place to hide was behind some drapes.


13. Trying to go as high as you can while climbing a tree!


14. The only goal during childhood is to get some fruit from a tree; they're so tantalizingly close!


15. Do you know what these are? Chupa Chups is a favorite.


16. It was satisfying to make tunnels in the sand. It was fun and hard work, too.


17. When going to McDonald's felt like we were in some sort of an exclusive club.


18. From a sewing machine to the coolest cart ever!


19. Do you remember when we used to open up the cupboard with our feet as kids? Just a Child's play!


20. Getting scared after a session of ghost stories, the fear was real!


21. Calling the radio station to ask them to play a song on the radio for someone you like.


22. Remember when we used to message each other with the most awesome abbreviations? I'll never forget my friend


23. It is one of the most charming things ever to get letters written on paper.


24. Purchasing Comic Books In Bookstores, totally one of the best moments.


25. Bicycle Kid, look at the mud on your back!


26. The family always watched soap operas together.


27. When it was all okay and fun to do things on your own.


28. Playing with firecrackers in all sorts of ways was such a blast!


29. It was so much pleasure to jump on a pile of sand.


30. Cutting Out your favourite Pictures And Bringing Them To School To Play! Remember people used to trade dragonball Z?