20 Illustrations That Challenge The Stereotypes Created For Women

Society has always been a big part of our civilization and helped us all evolve, but at the same time, it has constructed some rules for women that need to change. Women have been conditioned for centuries to follow these sets of rules from how they should be sitting, talking, dressing, laughing, or simply existing. Thus, creating an unattainable obligation of being perfect. Nobody should be judged for who they are if they don’t fit into someone’s definition of perfect.

A 31-year-old Hungarian illustrator Lainey Molar took it on herself to raise awareness about issues that need to be addressed. She works as a digital business strategist and helps women struggling with their businesses. Lainey started her career as a blogger and soon enough, she was the first Hungarian personal blogger. 

She has a simple yet edgy way of portraying her thoughts through her art. It puts on one’s thinking cap to become much more than just color, body, and gender. Her art is a perfect example of what society wants us to be and what we are. Artist manages to portray the best of expectation versus reality scenario. Laney’s art is so empowering not only for women but for everyone. Her illustrations cover topics from inequality, sexism, ageism to women’s rights, body positivity, dating problems.

The artist has more than 810k followers on Instagram. Her artwork also showcases many other inspirational women like Lady Gaga, Megan Markel, Rihana, and many more.

We are glad women are no longer shrinking their voices to appease everyone around them but, there is a long way to go!

Scroll down, sit back and enjoy the inspiring and refreshing illustrations by talented Lainey Molar.