With The Help Of A.I., I Found Out What These Celebrities Would Look Like With No Plastic Surgery (21 Pics)

With the help of technology and A.I., I found out how some famous celebs will look without plastic surgery. Aging is a nightmare for many celebrities and actors. No one likes grey hair, wrinkled and saggy skin. And to hide them some celebrities took the help of plastic surgery, but their surgery failed badly and spoiled their face. But now we can see how they will look now without plastic surgery.

In this article, the artist used A.I. and his editing skills to create images of celebs without plastic surgery. They are not perfect because A.I. is not that advance, but they will give you an idea about their look.

The results are quite interesting, you can’t miss the article. Follow the list to the end to see whether your favorite celeb is on the list or not.

1. Cher, 75 years old

She is looking great without surgery.

2. Dolly Parton, 75 years old

Without surgery, she is looking like a typical Grandma.

3. Jocelyn Wildenstein, 81 years old

Every look is better than her surgery look.

4. Donatella Versace, 66 years old

Look how beautiful she is looking without surgery.

5. Mickey Rourke, 68 years old

She is looking so handsome

6. Madonna, 63 years old

She is completely changed.

7. Goldie Hawn, 75 years old

If her lips will normal she would be the same without surgery.

8. Amanda Lepore, 53 years old

No, Amanda look what have you done

9. Melanie Griffith, 64 years old

Artificial beauty will never last longer

10. Joan Rivers, 81 years old

Aging is normal, why do you want to hide it?

11. Priscila Presley, 76 years old

She is not looking that bad for the 76-year-old lady.

13. Carla Bruni, 53 years

She is looking creepy because of surgery.

13. Joan Van Ark, 78 years old


Is she high?

14. Demi Moore, 58 years old

She is not looking that bad.

15. Barry Manilow, 78 years

I think he is looking fine with surgery.

16. Daryl Hannah, 60 years old

She is looking gorgeous in the natural pic.

17. Gretchen (Brazalain celeb), 62 years old

OMG, those lips.

18. John Travolta, 67 years old

I think he is more handsome in his surgery pic. What do you say?

19. Burt Reynolds, died at the age of 82 years old

His surgery didn’t look too bad.

20. Lisa Rinna, 58 years old

She is looking beautiful, but what happened to those lips.