10+ Times Celebs Faced ‘Awkward’ Moments Because Of Their Outfits

Award events naturally entail a red carpet session, and indeed, it’s a moment many people, including celebrities, long for. In addition to hoping to get a trophy in hand, celebrities use red carpet moments to flaunt their best fashion attires. It’s normal to see celebrities looking their best, being interviewed by news outlets, and posing for photos. However, there are numerous cases where they’ve been caught in somewhat awkward moments. While some can laugh off the awkwardness, a few are visibly horrified, while others are left unimpressed when the unexpected ruin the moments.

Yes, celebrities don’t live like regular people, yet they aren’t immune to experiencing common problems. For the many, red carpet moments turned nightmarish. Indeed, celebrities in this category had wished for a brain wipe for everyone who witnessed the mishap. But then, since the wish remains impossible, the moments were dealt with a creep while posing for photos with fellow celebrities. Photos are proof, and big thanks to the internet, a wide range of these mishaps have emerged. Out of the countless, we’ve compiled 25 red carpet fails for your perusal, and possibly you will cringe!

Sofia Vergara.

Sofia Vergara graced the 2013 CFDA Fashion Awards in New York

Nicole Kidman.

2016 BFI London Film Festival

Bella Hadid.

Bella Hadid/ Cannes Film Festival


Kaitlyn Bristowe.

Kaitlyn Bristowe/2018 Emmys