20 Celebrities Are Transformed Into Disney Princesses By An Artist

A artist from Russia, Helen Morgun transformed celebrities into Disney princesses and results are incredible.

When a girl watch her favorite Disney movie so, she dreamed of becoming a beautiful princess, isn’t it? Preety dresses, attractive personality, perfect hair, living in a giant castle and Prince Charming coming to sweep us away on his white horse. It’s always like a dream and artist Helen did it with imagination and her talent and the results are amazing.

Helen take twenty celebrities such as Lucy Liv, Blake Lively and Mila Kunis and imagine what they would look like as some oh her favorite Disney princess.

Because of her amazing work she has over 90k followers on Instagram.

Source- Instagram

#1 Margot Robbie As Elsa

#2 Lucy Liu As Mulan

#3 Blake Lively As Aurora

#4 Rihanna As Tiana

#5 Amanda Seyfried As Rapunzel

#6 Billie Eilish As Kida Nedakh

#7 Emma Stone As Merida

#8 Lily Collins As Snow White

#9 Mila Kunis As Esmeralda

#10 Megan Fox As Megara