Cat Who Lost His Ears Finds Forever Home And A Best Friend

Cats always bring great happiness to our lives and it is like a blessing for us. We will tell you the story of potatoes. He is a stray cat and he roamed the streets of China before he was rescued by a man. The animal rescue team found out only two years ago. The cat was abandoned by the previous owner and was very ill during rescue time. Cat lovers scroll down and enjoy.

Via- no_ear_meow_potato

#1 Horlicks giving cuddles to his new best friend, Potato!

#2 Every time we look at him, hearts would appear. No, that’s not a special effect!

#3 “Hooman, what are you doing in my house?”

#4 Handsome guy!

#5 God, this is such an adorable picture!

#6 Look at those mesmerizing eyes

#7 “I’m gonna chew it off!”

#8 Hello there, little poser

#9 “Do you mind scratching my paw, hooman?”

#10 *Snuggles*

#11 One of the cutest pictures ever!

#12 “Be careful hooman, I know some MMA!”

#13 “I’m not supposed to eat that, am I?”

#14 “Do I play the ps4 today or watch TV? Suggestions?”

#15 What an adorable duo!

#16 Sleepy little potato.

#17 Just a grooming session going on.

#18 Okay, another grooming session.

#19 “It’s MINNEEEE!

#20 What a cutie!

#21 OMG, who did this!?

#22 “Come to bed now, hooman. NOW!”