30 Comics By A Russian Artist That Illustrates The Life Of A Cat Owner


Cat is an adorable animal as a pet. They are different from dogs as a pet and have different qualities. Cats will love you and the next second will scratch you. No one can understand them, but everyone loves them. Once the Charles Dickens said that “What greater gift than the love of a cat”. Winning their trust and love is very hard

Do you know how to treat them correctly? Let them do what they want to do. They make our life interesting and happy. These comics perfectly illustrate the life of cat owners, it is not about how the owner treats their cat but it is about hot cat treats their owner.

Different and funny article than usual you can’t stop yourself from comparing it to a cat owner whom you know.



Don’t mind me just do your work.


Can’t afford to wake them, instead of it I will adjust.


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Stop it, your mouth stinks.


I want attention.


Two totally different personalities.


You can’t click my photos without my permission.


Always adorable while sleeping.


Humans don’t know how to decorate their home learn it from cats.


Ohh!! I’m sorry can you please clean it again.


Wake up you lazy ass.


Excuse me Mr. I want to play.


I also want to sleep.


I want a rub.


Mr. Spider please come here.


Cat wave.


Can’t decide


This is tastier.


Don’t disturb me, this is my cave.


Yeah, they can do it too.


Go wash your hands first. Such an unhygienic idiot.





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