What Kind Of Candy Do Disney Princesses Represent?

We think the creativity of Disney fans is an indisputable fact. Disney fans have now created a completely different realistic version of Disney’s princesses or you can even say have swapped out their characters’ outfits. These Disney fans have even done crossovers between incarnations of Disney. Today we are bringing for you such brand new creations, which you will be very impressed to see. In these creations, the artist has associated princesses with their perfect candy.

Kathryn Hudson is a talented artist from L.A. This talented artist has made several posts with candy-related Disney princesses. Hudson is a talented graphic artist and her artwork is very popular among people. This talented artist is currently working as a character lead at warner bros animation via DC superhero girls & little ellen. Artist Hudson’s artwork is always full of colors with beautiful lines, thanks to which she easily captures the attention of the audience. The best example of her artwork is his Disney candy collection. Disney candy has attracted the attention of many fans. You must see it.

#1 Belle as Werthers Original. Is it enough to wow both Disney fans and sweet tooth people?

#2 Starburst Blue Fairy is just too delicious to take your eyes off

#3 Charlotte as Sugar Daddy is just so cute. Who can resist this cuteness, right?

#4 DumDum Giselle

#5 Rock Candy Mulan. Just like her personality, Mulan’s candy also has a strong appearance.

#6 Candy Corn is perfect for Sally

#7 Milky Way Amelia. Fascinating and sweet, that is what Amelia’s candy tastes!

#8 Saltwater Taffy Ariel. Since Ariel is from the ocean, the candy she represents will taste a little salty

#9 Candy Apple Snow White. What candy can suit Snow White than Candy Apple?

#10 Jawbreaker Megara

#11 Cinderella represents Hershy Kiss. How can sweet tooth people ignore these sweets?

#12 Red Hot Jasmine. Red Hot represents perfectly Jasmine’s characteristics

#13 Twizzler Rapunzel. This long marshmallow is perfect for Rapunzel, right?

#14 Kida as Life Saver – an adorable blue candy