Fans Are Loving Britney Spears’ New Video Trend

Spears has been increasingly active on her social media handles ever since her
devastating court testimony in June where she publically addressed the
conservatorship. Britney has gone topless on her Instagram for the fourth time this week,
After more than a decade under the constraint of her conservatorship, she is literally
ready to shed some layers and this time she’s doing it for herself.

Pop icon Britney Spears shared a couple of pictures where she was seen standing
below a huge tree, covering her breasts with her hands, looking at the camera she wore a
denim skirt which she kept unbuttoned. And just a few hours ago the singer posted a
video of the same, where she was standing topless, enjoying the breeze while she
slightly bends her neck back.

Her Instagram account has been the subjection of much speculation over the past few
years. Her fan thinking her account was hacked and being run by a man.
Many fans, while supportive of the singer’s previous posts, are now concerned with the
repetitive posting of her bare chest, believing the images could come back to haunt her
as she fights to end her conservatorship.

Spears went a step further and didn’t just bare her skin, but also explained why she’s
been putting herself out there.

She said: “No guys…. I didn’t get a b**b job in just a week.. Nor am I pregnant… I have
boobs in these pics cause I devoured food”. She began the caption with “Before I show
you more pics of my body… I want you to understand my thoughts. Her pictures and
captions explain why she’s loving showing off her naked body.