Brazilian woman ‘marries’ ragdoll and has baby with him

A woman in Brazil is claiming to have married a ragdoll made for her by her mother and has even had a baby with it.

Meirivone Rocha Moraes claims that she and her doll of a husband fell in love the moment her mother introduced them.
Jam Press/@meirivonerocha

Meirivone Rocha Moraes says she fell in love with the doll, named Marcelo, as soon as her mother gave it to her. Her mother crafted the doll to cheer her up after the 37-year-old had moaned about being on her own and not having a dance partner.

The romance blossomed between the two and they soon married, at a ceremony attended by more than 250 people. Moraes described the wedding as a “wonderful day” and “very emotional”. She adds that they “enjoyed” their wedding night “a lot”. Make of that what you will.

Moraes and Marcelo had a wedding, and the bride said they enjoyed their wedding night “a lot.”
Jam Press/@meirivonerocha

The couple then honeymooned at a beach house in Rio de Janeiro for a week.

Moraes said that once Marcelo entered her life “it all made sense” and describes him as the man she always wanted, and that married life is wonderful, as they don’t fight, he is faithful and understands her. She adds that “all women envy him.”

But there are downsides to her otherwise wedded bliss. Marcelo has not got a job – “he’s lazy,” she says – which means Moraes struggles with her bills as she is the only one bringing in an income. But she keeps things going for the pair of them.

The couple welcomed their “son” Marcelinho in May when they livestreamed the “birth,” according to Jam Press.
Jam Press/@meirivonerocha

Moraes has even started a family with Marcelo, welcoming baby ragdoll Marcelino back in May this year – with a doctor and nurse in attendance – and they are now settling into family life.