Brazilian Illustrator Draws Hilarious Comics About His Daily Life With Wife And Dog

Brazilian artist Crislane Passos has been creating cute comics about Max and Julia, “a couple hopelessly in love with each other.” Their differences, however, are what Passos thinks makes the relationship comics so interesting!

People love her amazing illustrations. Crislane who came up with original characters Max and Julia in her comics about love. They are an established couple who love each other despite the quirkiness each of them has.

Trust, support and a good sense of humor are the main pillar of a long lasting relationship. And this is what Artist portrays in illustrations.

Crislane thinks, the duo differences make the relationship comics so exciting, and we can’t agree more.

The Brazilian illustrator received a lot of love for her artwork and started a Patreon page where people can financially support her love for art. She shares that it was her dream to live off art. Scroll on enjoy some of her best comics.

Source- Instagram


With 425K followers on Instagram, Artist Crislane has wholly devoted himself to Max and Julia’s relationship despite concluding his book that had featured the couple.


Crislane came up with the cute couple a few years ago when writing a novel. But he fell in love with the two so much, he couldn’t say his goodbyes even when the book was finished. He completely devoted himself to Max and Julia’s relationship, regularly producing cartoon drawings about their chaotic everyday life. You can’t help but admire the way they are holding on to romance in their long-term relationship, as well.


The series has regularly created the pair’s chaotic everyday life, and it’s impossible not to admire how Max and Julie hold onto the romance.