Boy Sets Frog Free After Raising It From Tadpole Only For It To Be Immediately Eaten By Fish

A video has emerged from China of the heartbreaking moment when a boy releases the frog he raised from a tadpole into the wild, only to see it eaten whole within seconds by a fish.

What should have been a touching, bittersweet moment for the boy – filmed by his dad – as he saw his hard work over the past few weeks come to fruition by releasing the frog into its natural habitat turned quickly to horror. After opening the container he’d carried the frog in and setting it down by the water’s edge, the frog hopped out and into the water. But, as it was about to swim off to enjoy its freedom, the large fish had other ideas and swallowed it.

You could look at this picture and imagine the frog would be fine, but it wasn’t. Credit: AsiaWire

While we all know that it ain’t easy being green, the boy from Dalian in China, could hardly have suspected that nature would be that cruel. He watched on, powerless, as the little frog disappeared into the fish’s mouth, and then as the fish returned to the murky depths.

The boy had only released the frog after deciding it was big enough to survive on its own in the big, bad world. Perhaps, with the benefit of hindsight, he should have waited a while longer.

Back in the water, the little frog was so ready to set off for a life of adventure. Poor thing. Credit: AsiaWire

While we would love to say there was a happy twist to end this story, there isn’t. Although the boy can take solace in the fact that he had given the frog a good life before tragedy struck.

The fish was unavailable for comment.