15 Quite Blunt Illustrations Show The Double Standards Of Our Culture & Society Today


We all know how dangerous the double standards of society can be for us. This double standard of society is keeping us away from ourselves and it is also spreading hatred among people. The sad thing because of this dual attitude is that people tend to judge what men and women do differently. This type of discrimination should be seen as a big disease in society. And this double standard has played an important role in tarnishing the image of the whole society. We have also tried to show you the truth of different criteria of the society through the art given below.

Through this artwork, we hope that you will be able to understand that when the world is changing so much, they should not the old thinking of our society also be changed. All this change can come only after the understanding of the people and they are going to decide how long this dual attitude of the society will last. We have tried to show you a mirror through artwork. You scroll down and experience with this art what is going on in society.




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