Blazing Cosplays Of Princess Jasmine You Are Sure To Admire

Aladdin has been a favorite among kids for long. But the fact is grown-ups enjoy it as much as kids do. Especially after the live-action movie that was released recently, people went all the more crazy for Aladdin and the characters onboard.

One of these characters is Princess Jasmine. She is independent, rebellious, young and gorgeous. And both guys and girls adore her for her beauty and charm.

She has always been a popular choice for cosplay among girls. Because anyways, girls love to dress up as their favorite Disney Princess, and Jasmine now was a real-life princess. The cosplays, therefore, became even more exciting.

So here are some girls recreating Princess Jasmine’s look in their own ways. Let’s see what they have.

The one with the lamp


The efforts


Perfect hair!


This cosplayer seems to have come up with one of the most perfect looks, especially when it comes to hair; isn’t it? Can’t miss saying, she looks just as adorable as the Princess herself.

One with Aladdin himself…


Doesn’t he look more like Hercules than Aladdin? Whatever it is, Jasmine looks perfect with her Aladdin. Though a little different approach and heavy makeup, yet one of the perfect cosplays!

Pretty woman!


This is one of the most decent and lovely cosplays of Princess Jasmine I have seen till now. She seems to be a lovely lady, looking even more lovely in Jasmine’s costume.

That pose!


I didn’t know that Jasmine could try such poses as well. But look at that damn pose, it looks so good! This girl is quite flexible, she must be a yoga teacher or something.

The exotic look


This look is undoubtedly one of the most exotic ones on the list. Whether she looks like Jasmine or not is a different question, but she has pulled off that unique element really well and looks stunning.

So adorable…


You must be lying if you say that you don’t like this girl.

Talking about the bird here, we all know the real Jasmine loves birds, we have even seen her having a whole bird sanctuary in her garden.

Let’s click a picture of the hair-do …


Look at those thick and voluminous locks, aren’t they worth a click? Girls, looking for some tips here?

While the cosplayer has been perfect at her task, she looks gorgeous and the hair-do adds to the glamor quotient.



Eyes stuck, here?

Is it because of the tiger or the cosplayer? Despite the tiger standing tall here, she has managed to direct all the attention towards her.

Simple one


Looks like she didn’t even put that extra effort to get this perfect look. She looks so natural that we couldn’t even think how much time and effort it must have taken to get the final result.

The Princess selfie…


I wonder if Princess Jasmine from the movies had a phone, would she have been busy clicking selfies as well? But this cosplayer filled the void by taking the perfect Princess Jasmine’s selfie.

The yoga teacher again!


Well, I am not very sure if she is a yoga teacher or not, but looks like one. Just look at her poses, and the flexibility in them. And the look is already perfect as well.

Another level


She took the cosplay of Princess Jasmine to an entirely different level. She changed the cute and adorable princess look to a hot one. And no doubt, she looks considerably hot!

The warrior look!


This cosplayer took a whole different approach for Princess Jasmine’s look. She decided to try Jasmine’s warrior look, that too a wounded one. And she pulled it off quite well.

Peacock style


We have seen many different approaches to Jasmine’s cosplay, and here is a peacock look now. This girl surely created one of the most colorful and beautiful outfits for Jasmine’s cosplay.

The jewelry!


This cosplayer tried to create that perfect authentic look with all that heavy jewelry. And she did succeed to a certain level, not the exact Princess Jasmine’s look but quite an amazing approach.

Jasmine on her couch


Jasmine was Princess but I bet she never sat on a couch like this. But jokes apart, this cosplayer also did a really good job in putting together the look. Though she couldn’t pull it off that well, but she looks pretty good in it.

The mermaid


This girl looks quite creative. She created a mermaid look for Princess Jasmine’s cosplay. And this is one of my personal favorites!

The thought, the dress up everything is just too perfect and amazing.



This one surely rocks it! She has pulled together the cosplay just perfectly. And doesn’t she look almost real? To me, she does. She looks pretty amazing, just like our real Princess Jasmine.

She is cute!


Though we could recognize her as Jasmine because of the similar hairdo, but undoubtedly she looks adorable. Her rest of the look other than her hair, doesn’t carry the vibes of Princess Jasmine.

Ready to sleep?


Though she pulled off the look amazingly, but who takes all the trouble to dress up like Princess Jasmine just to go to bed? I know that’s weird but people have different fantasies, let’s not judge.

Volume in hair!


What do you have to say about the volume this girl has in all the right places? I meant her hair! I don’t know about her, but I am surely in love with her hair.

Snow Princess


This Snow Princess is looking really pretty. But I wonder, wouldn’t she catch cold walking around in such clothes in snow? Hopefully she is well after this adventure.

The cutest one


This is one of the cutest cosplays of Princess Jasmine. This girl looks extremely adorable, and her perfect picture pose did the rest of the task. Though not the most perfect Jasmine, but she at least got the tag of being the cutest one.

Everything is perfect…


Everything is just perfect in this cosplay, other than the look! The setting, the background, the picture is just perfect. But the look could have been a lot better, to make it to the top of the list.

Smoke everywhere

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This picture became all the more fascinating with all that smoke coming out from the lamp. I am now more excited to see if that fat Jinni is finally going to come out of that little lamp.

Time for the red outfit now

Image source

I guess this girl was done with the blue outfits by now. So she decided to go for a red one. I have to say, this girl has some great muscles to show off! But sadly couldn’t pull off Princess Jasmine’s cosplay perfectly.

All smiles

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It is a dream for almost every girl to dress up like her favorite Disney character especially a Princess. And on the top of that, when you look amazing in that, these smiles are all justified.

Glowing in red!

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Oh, My! This girl definitely rocked the red look. She looks just so perfect and so beautiful in the first place. Seriously can’t stop admiring this cosplayer.

Hope you liked all these Princess Jasmine’s cosplays.