BLACKPINK’s Rosé Looked Like A Real-Life Version Of These Disney Princesses

Roseanne Park is a Korean- New Zealand singer and dancer based in South Korea. Her sweet and radiant beauty is always appreciated by public. Rose has had several iconic looks and oftentimes they resemble signature looks from Disney princesses!

Beautiful face, long shiny hair and charming aura help Rosé always be likened to Disney princesses. Indeed, every time she changes the concept and hairstyle, Rosé reminds people of Disney princesses like Elsa, Rapunzel, Ariel, …

#1 Ariel

Rosé with red hair is also extremely memorable. And her facial features are eye-catching too.

#2 Mulan

A legendary moment of Rosé reminiscent of Mulan, the princess of brave beauty and confidence.

#3 Cinderella

When Rose wear a cool turquoise dress, Rose looks beautiful as the real princess.

#4 Rapunzel

The long blonde hairstyle is the defining feature of both Rose and Rapunzel. With her perfect body, long flowing hair and in a sexy purple dress, she looks like Rapunzel.

#5 Elsa

Rosé really makes fans’ eyes widen when she looks exactly like Elsa from the hairstyle, platinum hair color, outfit to hand movements.

#6 Tiana

When wearing a lovely turquoise dress, Rose looks like Tiana.

#7 Merida

Rosé’s eye-catching curly hairstyle reminds people of the brave curly-haired princess Merida in the hit cartoon Brave.

#8 Snow White

If Rose changed her hair color to black, undoubtedly she look like Snow White.

#9 Belle

“Australian rose” shined brightly in a flowing yellow dress. Many fans have to say: “She is the real Belle!”.

#10 BONUS: Rosé once dressed up as Anna and it was too cute!