Curious Black Bear Approached A Group Of Hikers, Making Them Stand Frozen In Fear

When we go hiking we all want to enjoy, want to feel nature and want to spend some with our friends. But what will you do if you encounter a wild bear, who can harm you or even kill you? That’s terrifying right, it is very important to be calm and use our brain. But when we are in trouble our brain stops working too.

In this article, you will see how the group of girls who were hiking in a forest faced a bear. It was only their intelligence who helped them to tackle that situation. We are not saying that wild animals are dangerous, but it is better to keep some distance from them.

Be with us to the end to know what is the full story.

This incident was taken place in Chipinque Ecological Park  in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico, when 3 hikers were enjoying and suddenly one bear came near them. They were scared but they stand there in a frozen condition. Bear was examining one girl’s hair.

In this video, we can see the playful animal was so adorable and didn’t harm anybody. He was just sniffing the girl’s hair. It means Wild animals will not harm you if they will not fear you.

Luckily no one got huring during this incident. And in case if bear attacks there were people standing on the roads to save the girls group.


One girl even took a selfie with the bear, But bear didn’t harm her. Some people are saying it is a foolish action and some appreciate her for this brave action. You tell us your views whether she was foolish or brave.


This video and incident went viral in Mexico. After this, the government passed some guidelines for hiking and also issued some advice for this type of incident. The government’s 3 pieces of advice are Never feeding the bear, never standing between mother and child, and don’t take selfies and photographs with them.