`Bits and Pieces’ Comics with Unexpected Dark twists and Humor

Artists of tech industry created comic `Bits and Pieces’ which is full of dark twists and humor with unexpected ending. Harry, Ali and Carly from Michigan told `We are in the tech industry and we wanted to make comics that captured that experience.

Harry said that the trio met back in high school and there is no friction between them at all. All three of them work in the tech industry and want their comics to capture that experience. `Our comics are about mostly tech, but also things we see in the world. We want to be more laymen, said the artist. We feel like we are funny and we want to share that with people’.

I have been drawing since I was little. I went more towards the software side because I didn’t think it could be a career. After working for a couple years, I felt an urge to express my creative side, Harry said.




Besides Harry, there are two more masterminds- Ali, who is a Ph.D. student in cryptography, and Carly, who is a Ph.D. student in cancer research.

`We met in high school and there really is no friction at all. We believe our collaboration is our advantage over other creators. We met Carly in high school as well and she is more on the consulting side’.




Being in serious PhD programs and the tech industry, there are not many opportunities to be creative. The artist says that they don’t go out of their way to be dark- he just thinks they are all depressed and express that through their comics. `I hope we can relate to people who feel like they can’t make it in the software industry or people dealing with depression. A lot of our comics have been about impostor syndrome because that is something I personally deal with’, revealed Harry.