Billie Eilish Replied To Trolls Who Think She’s A Flop Now

Billie Eilish has recently released new music and a documentary about her rise to fame and it seems as though some fans are turning against her and claiming she is losing her relevance and is heading into a ‘flop era’.

Someone said Billie Eilish is flopping.

In Billboard’s ‘Global 200’, Billie Eilish who peaked at #6 with her song ‘Your Power’. She is only 19 and she hits more than 3.4 billion hits on Spotify with just three songs.

She decided to address that on TikTok. In a video using her own music, ‘NDA.’

Billie has raised a few eyebrows again with her most recent clapback to trolls who have accused her.

She doesn’t seem to be too put out by her detractors, sharing a video to TikTok in which she could be seen smirking and rolling her eyes alongside the words: “Is it just me or is Billie in her flop era like why does she suck now…”

The comment reads, “Is it just me, or is Billie in her flop ear. Like why does she suck now…”

Her songs are not going viral like that time with ‘Bad Guy’. Just because someone else is on #1, doesn’t mean her songs are bad?

She shared the clip on TikTok and the caption is: ‘Literally all I see on this app… eat my dust my t**s are bigger than yours.”

The clip hit more than five million likes and her fans show support with one posting, “You’re incredible. Don’t let them get to you”.

Another said, “I mean the song is actually good. People are just mad so they are hating the song.”

A third person replied: “I loved you before and I love you now. Never stop doing you.”

Someone else remind: “I think y’all forget she’s human, too, and she will watch your videos even though you might not think it.”

This isn’t the first exotic comment Eilish has been dealing it on TikTok in recent days.