Billie Eilish Covers Wardrobe Malfunction With an Emojis in hilarious music vid outtake

“Titties falling out again,” Reads the overlaid text in the video.

Eilish continued to bop to the beat but then realized another mishap. “Titties falling out again.” She wrote on another photo. This time around, the malfunction wasn’t that revealing, so Eilish got away without putting an emoji over her chest. At the end of the dance, she turned around to shake her b*tt toward the camera. Her shorts rose a bit high, and again the celebrity used the standing man emoji to conceal her backside.

At a point, Eilish “forgot the choreo” to “Lost Cause,” but she quickly picked up right where she left.

billieeilish -Via

However, Eilish rose to fame with a signature style of baggy clothing to avoid body shaming. But in May, she shocks the internet when she debuted a brand new look on the cover of British Vogue. The photoshoot was reportedly Eilish’s idea, and she had, in particular, rocked a custom trench coat and corset. She equally showed off a tattoo, which she previously revealed fans would never see.

Watch the music video for ‘Lost Cause’ by Billie Eilish below: