Artist Hilariously Illustrates Her Everyday Life With Her BF and Cat In Cute Comics

Mikiko is a talented artist who lives in London, UK. These are the artists of the comics we are planning to show you. Although the roots of this talented artist are German-Japanese she loves to depict her daily life with her boyfriend and cat. You may not feel romantic at first, but seeing the artist’s work, you will get to know that the little things in life mean a lot to us. We should cherish moments we take lightly.

The comics of this talented artist Mikiko are very different and varied. She told in a conversation about her life mentioning that she was born in Tokyo and grew up in Hong Kong, Germany, Japan, and Belgium. That’s why manga comics were a great way for the artist to connect with the house. But at the age of 12, the artist got her first Shonen Jump magazine. Everything in this world inspires the artist because of her bubbly and cheerful personality. The artist says that mainly music and life in general. She added people are so creative and have fun it’s inspiring.

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#1 Unconditional motherly love

#2 Tall people are the best selfie sticks

#3 Keeping your kitty warm

#4 My cat is bread

#5 Tall friends are awesome

#6 Your safe place

#7 Sabotaging your games

#8 Keep petting me

#9 When you have a babyface

#10 How to make all your worries go away

#11 Getting accidentally flashed

#12 Grandma is proud of you no matter what

#13 Must slap face

#14 The pet choosing process

#15 Outdoors vs Indoors cats

#16 I always forget to take my headphones off

#17 Check the cat stash

#18 Always forgetting the towel

#19 Staring into the void

#20 Getting comfortable at home

#21 Cat expressions

#22 How scarves work

#23 How cats wake you up for breakfast

#24 Germans are pros at drinking

#25 Work VS Selfies

#26 Everything will be okay. You are loved

#27 What it is like to be a comic artist

#28 Happy birthday. I tried

#29 Love for guitars is endless

#30 Battling the weather for your package