Artist Illustrates The Best 30 News Of The Year To Remove The Negativity

Do you also think 2020 has very depressing, heartbreaking and full of disasters. I know because of Covid-19, the natural disasters, all the loss and fear – it is easy to believe that 2020 is a very hard tie for all of us. But don’t lose hope. We are so focused on the negative news that we are ignoring the encouraging, inspiring things that are happening around us everyday.

The founder of the Happy Broadcast, Mauro Gatti illustrates relaxing news from around the globe and he has the best things that happened in 2020 that will cheer you up and make you believe in humanity again. He inspires many people through his artwork. So scroll down and see what he has done for spreading the positivity.

“This has been a rough year for the whole world but I’ve never seen so many great stories of human kindness like I’ve seen in 2020,” Mauro told. Read on for our full exclusive and in-depth interview with the Los Angeles-based artist about positive news, his hopes for 2021, and what he did to stay happy this year”.

Source:- Boredpanda





“Despite all the challenges, it looks like humanity understood how deeply we depend on each other and how much our mental health is central to everyone’s recovery and well-being,” Mauro told. “Sharing good news is a joyful experience for all and also an important part of daily conversations.”

Nevertheless the news are depressing to read and watch, Mauro still believes it has a important thing – reporting important problems and issues. We can work together and from our unity we can resist these obstacles from happening again.

“But there is also so much good in this world that just needs to be found and promoted. Never forget that the reason why we have positive news to share is that some amazing and brave individuals did something to solve an issue that worries us all. So, one at a time, we can all make a positive impact. It’s our time to BE the positive news,” Mauro said.