Behind the scenes details from Disney Park employees

Disney has been under intense scrutiny the last few years for their treatment of employees, especially when it comes to how much they pay people who dedicate so much genuine love to their jobs. Now, thanks to an r/AskReddit question about the dirty Disney park secrets, we may be elevating the conversation to a whole new level… at the very least, these responses were not what we expected! But don’t worry, we sprinkled some of the delightful magical answers in, too!

#1 Be nice to employees, is that really too much to ask?

#2 Safety, Safety, Safety! BE SAFE!

#3 Magic in the Air

#4 Stop making things harder

#5 Cast Member and the Character

#6 Yep, Here. to. HELP.

#7 True Magic of Disney

#8 Be Nice to People at Work.

#9 Wait, There are cameras literally everywhere

#10 Best. Day. Ever.

#11 It Might be YOUR fault.