Artist Reveals The Unsettling Behind-The-Scenes Of Popular Characters Share

Talented American illustrator Alex Solis is a master of pop culture change with his talent. The artist also calls this culture unpopular culture. This false and pretentious culture is capable of completely ruining your childhood. This talented artist decided to take characters from well-known entertainment companies like Disney, Nintendo, Nickelodeon, and many more and put their own weird and disturbing moods and twists on them. This strange change of their mind makes people quite good.

The illustrations of this artist are generally out of the ordinary and may disturb you a bit. Their pictures will give you a bit disturbing feeling in the beginning but later you will get used to them. This talented artist Alex has been publicizing his art since the early 2000s and has created hundreds of images from across the pop culture spectrum. According to Alex’s website, the artist realized at an early age that the idea of a starving artist could hinder their ability to pay the bills. And that’s why the artist started focusing on design and web development. Learning design and code added to his creativity and helped him more. You can enjoy the work of this talented artist by scrolling down.

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