These 15 Cartoons Can Tell You How Covid-19 Has Changed Everything

Irina Blok, a designer from San Francisco shared his artwork and showing how pandemic has been changed everything. Many things has changed, we have to adjust in this new normal life. “I myself have been working remotely for almost a year now, and all my travel plans and vacations got canceled. As a silver lining, I’ve had a lot more time for creative hobbies, such as cooking and drawing. One day, I started drawing cartoons to help blow off stress, naming the series Covid Life. One of my first cartoons was about highlighting the absurdity of doing multiple tasks, like going to a doctor, socializing, working, etc.—all from the couch”, told Blok.

Whole world is struggling because of the pandemic, people around the globe connected with Covid Life cartoons. After posting cartoons, they became viral, reaching millions of people worldwide and translated to more than 30 different languages, including Japanese, Mongolian, Russian, Spanish and Greek!

In this tough time, these help you at laughing. Hope, this will become useful to get rid of your headache for some time.

Source:- Instagram

#1 Going To A Grocery Store

#2 Going To The Bank

#3 Things I Miss

#4 The Best Gift

#5 New Year’s Resolutions

#6 Coming Out Of Lockdown

#7 Eating Breakfast

#8 Holidays 2020

#9 Coronavirus Likes This

#10 Evolution

#11 My Pantry

#12 Holiday Gifts 2020

#13 Working From Home

#14 Getting Vaccine

#15 If 2020 Was A Bird