Comics Showing What Love Looks Like Before and After 30

It is said that old is gold and the same goes for love. The more we are together with our loved ones the more we get attached and feel it. Love doesn’t age and has nothing to do with getting old. Everything in love changes with time and it needs time because that is the way for making someone feel that immense love. It is like the love of people of different ages is different. The way someone at the age of 18 depicts love is very much different from those at the age of 30.
Such an amazing difference has been shown by an artist through their amazing comics and cute illustrations. Everyone can probably relate to it and these illustrations are good in either way. So let us now jump to see all of them and witness true love at both ages.

#1 Talking on the phones

#2 Making Jealous has a different perspective

#3 Way of showing your feelings

#4 Dates are different

#5 Increased value of gifts

#6 Quality over Quantity

#7 Things that attract us

#8 Things can get messy

#9 Looks Matter!!

#10 Dreams should come true

#11 Change of places

#12 Texting used to be so cute…