Beautiful Yet Terrifying Pictures of Nature That Will Give You Nightmares

With forests, oceans, and amazing phenomena, mother nature is extremely beautiful. When you think about nature, you might always imagine trees, beautiful flowers, gardens, lakes, and little kittens. It is because we had never lived amongst the creatures in the wild and have not even noticed it before. 

There is always a story behind the thrilling pictures of mother nature that some people can never understand. After having a look at these pictures, you will feel grateful that you live in a place where you have heat, shelter, and other necessities. Some nature lovers have taken amazing pictures of nature like interesting patterns made by roots of trees, an abandoned church, bikes engraved in trees, and many more. All such greenery pictures show that nature is not only beautiful but terrible also. Get amazed by having a look deep inside the forests, lakes, and some other terrifying pictures of mother nature.

#1 Stop Sign on trees

#2 Trees growing in the middle of the ocean

#3 House in-between dark forests

#4 Roots of a tree 

#5 Rusted Ferris wheel

#6 Ship with green roof

#7 The tree may remind you of Tomb Raider

#8 Plant vanished into thin air

#9 Terrible forests give US vibes

#10 Beautiful church 

#11 Serene statue 

#12 Piano in the middle of the forest

#13 Bicycle engraved in the tree

#14 Grass grew on a car

#15 Little hut in the middle of the forest 

#16 Plane in lake