The breathtakingly beautiful Sketches of This Illustrator Will Encourage You To Get A Dog Immediately

People always keep saying that how much they like to be alone and also claim to be completely satisfied when they are alone. But it is true and cannot be denied that we have to face the ups and downs of our life. There is always something to share that’s why we need someone in life who understands our personality, encourages us every time, and supports us like a true friend.

Yaoyao Ma Van is a talented artist from Los Angeles and every fan of hers would want to meet him. She has a dog that she keeps depicting in her comics. You can only guess the artistry of this amazing artist that this talented artist has more than 837k followers on Instagram. Here people shower likes and comments on her every post. Scroll down and enjoy her artwork that can make you get a dog now.

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#1. Outing with the puppy!!!

#2. Napping with your dog is such a lovely feeling.

#3. Sharing is caring!!

#4. Dog & park!!

#5. A rainy stroll with the dog..

#6. The sleeping gem!!

#7. Puppy The Magician..

#8. Doggo in command..

#9. Playing in autumn!

#10. Loveee!!

#11. The dog is playing with a ball.