25 Hilarious Comics By ‘Bathpoopoo’ For People Who Love Twisted Humor

Every biggest fan of comics knows that there are various types of comics. And That is because, every illustrator has his own unique style and ideas to put. But the dark humor is the only outstanding factor to go for comics. So, today we bring you a comic full of dark humor, But first, let us meet the artist.

Meet a Singaporean artist named bathpoopoo. Yes, you are thinking it right that it is not his real name. So, his real name remains anonymous as the artist denied sharing it online. And that sounds weird, so is his artwork, weirdly witty and hilariously dark. Besides, the artist greatly enjoys random jokes and weirdness. Moreover, he is famous for his creepy tales.

Moreover, the artist is just 29 years old, but his weirdness and a deep sense of dark humor gained him 17.5K followers on Instagram, and it keeps growing day by day.

Whether you’re a moviegoer, a gamer, or just someone who appreciates comics so much in general, you will love his comics from bathpoopoo. Moreover, if you are a pop-culture fan, these comics will definitely impress you because the artist takes his inspiration from pop culture. So, the way he draws makes his work a really an attention-grabbing series.

Therefore, we have combined all his interests and compiled a hilarious series for you. So, go and have a look.

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