Abandoned Baby Kittens Were Saved By Shelter Dogs

On a rainy day, some volunteers at Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac, Serbia were working in the shelter, when they heard their dogs barking very loudly. They immediately went to check out the front to see what was going on. One of the volunteers heard helpless meowing in the grass next to the shelter. After following the crying, he found a wet kitten who was just 3 weeks old. He put the scared kitten in his jacket and checked again to make sure that there was not another kitten in the grass.

He searched further, but he didn’t hear meowing from other kittens. It was already getting dark, so the volunteers decided to go home and arrived early in the next morning to search. After a while, the man found another beautiful kitten. Then he heard meowing again and found a third kitten. This little baby was sick and his eyes were closed. The three kittens were found in different places in the grass. The man thought that they lost their mom and were abandoned by someone..

They searched the whole meadow but couldn’t find a kitten anymore. They put the kittens in a cage and gave them food. They hoped that the mom was around, and if she heard their meows, she would come to them. Sadly, she didn’t appear even after three hours. The volunteers decided to take them their shelter. They care for them and give them so much love to ensure that they feel happy and safe in the shelter.

We are happy to know that these beautiful babies are now in good hands. When they grow up, they will be ready for adoption. We hope that they will find their loving home and great owners who will love and care for them forever. Thanks to the shelter dogs, the volunteers could find the kittens and give them second chance at life. Thank you for saving and helping these little babies! Bless your kind heart!

Watch the full rescue here:

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