Baby Barn Owl Shoot By Hannie Heere in Mid-Run

Barn owls are a widely distributed species of bird in the world. They are really cute but the cuteness of this baby owl is totally on a different level. Hannie Heere was filming a documentary on Barn Owls, meanwhile, she captured this extraordinary picture of a baby barn owl.

Hannie Heere is 63 years old and she started learning photography in 2016. She is such a brilliant wildlife photographer and looking at her passion for photography at this age motivates others too. The image of the baby barn owl went viral after Heere posted it online and it was liked by everyone. This baby owl is cute enough to attract the worldwide population toward him.

With the baby owl’s image we also share some facts about Barn owls, let’s see how much you know about it.

On 28th March, when Hannie Heere was capturing images of Barn owls. There she saw this confident owl who was running in the field. Owlet influenced her so much that she laid down on the field and tried to capture the image of the owlet.

Barn owl size is medium and they have large wings. Fully covered in a pale color. We can see a shape like a heart on his pale-colored face.

Barn owl’s life span is up to 13-14 years. They prefer to live in bushy fields, grasslands, agricultural fields, and marshes.

They usually prey on small mammals, lemmings, rats, rabbits and small birds.

Barn owls can breed at any time of the year, but they usually choose dry seasons for egg-laying.

They stick to one partner for their whole life unless one of the partners dies.

Barn owls fly at a gentle and slow speed. They can fly up to a speed of 20 miles for prey.

Hannie Heere shared her experience, “I was laying on the ground, this young bird count not fly yet and was not afraid. I took the picture from a distance of about 5 to 6 meters.” She also says that “I was very, very surprised [at how popular the photo has been],”

Till now, she is doing natural photography as a hobby. But in near future, she is seeing it as a profession and wants to earn money from it