Australian Cartoonist Creates Silly Comics To Make You Laugh (30 Pics)

You must have found your life full of sorrows and stress because our life is full of all these and during this, our days become very hard and boring. And because of this, it becomes difficult to see the light ahead. But in these tough times, all we need is a good laugh and smile. To overcome this problem of people, Australian cartoonist Pete Joyson creates silly and funny comics. Reading his comics will brighten up your heavy day and you will feel very light. The artist said in an interview with Bored Panda that it sounds strange but his main aim is to bring a little smile to people’s faces.

When asked that how he got into the world of comics, artist Pete said that like many artists, he used to draw pictures of people, animals, and things in the beginning. The artist further added that fortunately, he had good friends and a good family who inspired him further. The artist told that he had been considering the comic for years but in 2020 he started. Pete revealed that making comics is more than a hobby for him. The artist is also a graphic designer by trade. He said that he draws inspiration from the little quirks like animal-shaped clouds, funny birds, funny fungi, why cow moo, old kitchen tools, and my cats, which are even the smallest of absurdities.

The artist further described his style, adding that the simple style full of whimsy inspired him, adding that one day he would pay someone to describe his style. He says that he has always been inspired by simple comic art and that comics can easily tell a big story with a few lines. Pete further mentioned his brainstorming process and said that he loves playing with words and situations. Taking a short piece of a sentence and turning it on its head is amazing. The artist also mentioned that he does a couple of other things like taking random words and see if it sparks an idea.

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