Artist Created A Humorous Comic And Shared His Life Journey With His Wife

“One of Those Days” this is the series which represents the little fight or struggles that everybody is suffering in a relationship. Yehuda Devir, an artist based in Tel – Avin has been showing his full efforts by his comics that illustrate his everyday life with his wife, Maya. With happiness and trouble, the couple through the path, the couple made it into an animated documentary that is surely remarkable.

A few months ago they revealed their pregnancy news in a series of hilarious illustrations that represent their beautiful journey to creating a life. Maya helps him by creating his comics. Whether she is dealing with cockroaches, using him as her personal protector (or pillow), motivate him to workout, or ruin the kitchen by making some delicious food (like cereal). Yehuda’s comics were in demand and his wife also provide him all the creativity he needs. From birthday celebrations and haircut meltdowns to wardrobe dilemmas and Game of Thrones marathons, Yehuda’s artwork is amazing and interesting as they are relatable. He has over 5.6 Million followers on Instagram and 8 Million followers worldwide. “One of Those Days”, his latest and interesting series and we have gathered it for you.

Source:- Instagram