Artist Illustrates Everyday Life With Her Fiancé And Four Cats

After spending a good time and making healthy relationship with someone, you realise you are complete and you can’t resist to live without your love and it is so romantic. You have to keep your relationship more exciting.

Stef, Sarah’s partner, she met with him eight years ago. “I was making plush ghosts for an indie punk band that we both really like (Johnny Foreigner, they’re great and you should check them out!), and the band advertised a link to my Tumblr page and we ended up meeting through Tumblr pretty much,” she told. “A few years later we went on a first date and the rest is history! Stef recently proposed to me on our seventh anniversary which was super sweet!”

“Our Super Adventure”  is a funny comic diary by Sarah Graley that ramble around her long term relationship and the series completely shows that a cute couple only need each other for a healthy relationship and four pet cats.

Source:- Instagram

#1 The Perfect Family

#2 I can’t wait

#3 A gift for me!

#4 A little cuddle

#5 Messed up!