Artist’s 20 Quirky Illustrations On Dark Side Of Our Society

Whether we believe it or not but our life is just a sequel of one destined event after another. So, if you see, Millions of years ago, people manipulated people and used to wage battle and loot land in the appellation of some higher beings. But today, people get into physical conflicts and fights over small stupid things like toilet paper and TV remotes. Therefore, I’m telling you it’s such a weird time to live, but see, here we are, living strange, quirky stupid life. Well, you are not the only one living this strange life. There are others like you. So, let’s meet an artist.

Meet Alex Gamsun Jenkins, an artist, and a genius. His creations perfectly fit with all this weirdness around us. Most people use social media and post tweets with its limited character feature, to put their thoughts, but Alex is different. He uses his creative artwork to do that.

So, the artist is from South London, and this sounds classy, Right. Yes, he is, and you can see it by his artwork on Netflix, Vice, and many other prominent brands such as Adult Swim.
And if we talk about his qualification, he graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in 2015. So, he has a Bachelor’s degree in Illustration. Jenkins also described his works on his website. But you do not need to visit his website because we have compiled his best 20 creations. So go, have a look and enjoy!

More info: Instagram