Artist Turns Famous Horror Movie Villains Into Disney Princesses

Every girl in this universe has once imagined living the life of a Disney’s Princess, right? let’s take a 360 degree turn.As for girls, it is an undeniable fact that a majority of them have spent their childhood and dreams fantasising about the lavish lives of Disney’s Princesses and always wished to be like them. Their beauty, gorgeous hairs and lovely eyes were nothing less than perfect creation. As we talk about boys, they don’t have anything in particular like girls. The bottom line is, we have always imagined and seen those princesses as the prettiest and most innocent characters.

But have you ever wondered, what if these Princesses were turned into psychopaths of horror movies? An artist, who goes by the name of Andrew Tarusov, recreated Disney Princesses and turned them into crazy maniacs. Kinda ruined my childhood but it’s definitely going to blow your mind as well! However, before you scroll down, beware because these illustrations might change your perception about Disney’s Princesses as we know it. I assure you, these ones aren’t innocent at all. Scroll down to see for yourself.

Pennywise From It – Ariel

Billy The Puppet From The Saw – Snow White

Carrie – Pocahontas

Freddy Krueger From The Nightmare On Elm Street – Aurora

Jason From The Friday 13th – Mulan

Chucky From Child’s Play – Merida

Pinhead From The Hellraiser – Elsa

Hannibal Lecter From The Silence Of The Lambs – Belle

Michael Meyers From Halloween – Cinderella

Sadako Yamamura From The Ring – Rapunzel

Leatherface From Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Jasmine

Ghostface From The Scream – Tiana