Artist Roasts Literature Classics With His Hilarious Cartoons

Reading is a very good hobby as it not only makes a person strong but also increases their empathy, builds vocabulary, and prevents cognitive decline. Along with this, it has another advantage in that it is also fully capable of reducing your stress. Before going into this world, you should carefully read those books that you think are really helpful for you. This will decide whether you hold interest for a long time or it is just a phase.

Many literary classics are shoddy and confusing and everything changes when you try to tell the same story differently. Artist John Atkinson is a talented artist who can tell these stories in different ways through his brilliant art. This artist recently made a series of hilarious cartoons which will make you happy. By reading these stories, you will get an opportunity to read something different and with it, you will also get some happiness in your stressful day. You can read this artist’s work by scrolling down.

#1 Sorry not interested!!

#2 Basically


#4 Well, if you put it like that…

#5 The body count is pretty insane

#6 Didn’t see that coming at all

#7 Things always happen

#8 Nope.

#9 Famous Front Doors

#10 Abridged Classics

#11 Done!!

#12 Aggressively Challenged Individuals

#13 New Updated and Improved Editions

#14 Thirst Editions

#15 Amazing Stein Family

#16 Abridged Classics