Artist Reimagines Disney Princesses With Different Body Shapes And The Results Are Beautiful

We all have grown up watching Disney characters, be it the princesses or other characters we always wanted to be like them. From always wanting to be in their world to at least dressing like them we wanted to do it all. We have idolized these characters so much that they have stuck with us as perfect. They have led us to believe that there is something called a perfect body and these animated characters have it. This creates a very unhealthy relationship with our body because it cannot be like the fictional charters we aspired to be.

An artist named Ali Sene aka artsyali_ wanted to change all that and made our favorite Disney characters more real and inclusive. She is a body-positive artist who wanted to introduce the traditional world of Disney characters to more body diversity.

Ali wants people to feel represented and included with something they love like Disney princesses. She not only made these characters’ body-positive she also show them different skin conditions which are very common.

Scroll down and find Disney Princesses With Different Body Shapes below

#1 Tattooed Alice 🐰🍄 – (Alice in Wonderland)

#2 Skinny Cinderella (Cinderella)

#3 Short Aurora (Sleeping beauty)

#4 Vanellope Von With Long Legs – (Wreck-It Ralph)

#5 Esm̩ralda With Beautiful Hair Р(The Hunchback of Notre-Dame)

#6 Anna With Albinism  – (Frozen)

#7 Elsa With Hip Dips  – (Frozen)

#8 Jasmine With A Squared Off Waistline  – (Aladdin)

#9 Thick Ariel – (The Little Mermaid)

#10 Pocahontas as Real Pocahontas

#11 Mulan representing gender diversity – (Mulan)

#12  Acne queen Rapunzel– (Tangled)

#13 Signs of battle om Merida – (Brave)

#14  Hyperpigmentation queen Tiana – (The Princess and the Frog)

#15 Chubby Snow White (Snow White)

#16 Strong Meg with muscles – (Hercules)

#17 Tinker Bell with some cellulite (Tinker Bell)

#18 Jane has a Cleft Palate (Tarzan)

#19 Belle the beauty (Beauty and the beast)

#20 Kida With Stretch Marks  – (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)

#21 Moana With Vitiligo 🌸 – (Moana)