People Keep Asking This Artist To Do Their Portraits For Free, So He Teaches Them A Lesson

It doesn’t matter what kind of artist you are, be it a photographer or a painter or an illustrator. You’ll always find people who think they deserve free art. Many people say to do it for exposure, or you are too good, etc. We think many people go through this. This time an artist has heard this many times and started trolling people asking for such free stuff funnily. The name of this artist is Jon Arton. He is an English artist who has been drawing with full talent since childhood. Artist says he spends his time doodles of outrageous images of teachers. According to the artist, due to such artistry, he has also been in trouble many times, but it is a perfect medium to make people laugh.

This talented artist gets requests for free pictures at least two times a week and according to the artist, this can be a bit irritating. The artist says that he takes this request as a compliment and people should understand that how long does it take to do the artwork. The artist finds this a bit disturbing but the artist has decided to have a little fun with the people and as a joke, he has started sending some silly doodles. This artist believes that the artist does not really look at folk art as a career and often assumes that the artist is always happy working for exposure. John says he wishes he could draw for free but this is something that he did to get his followers online or for charity cheap. You can check out the artist’s hilarious artwork for fans seeking free art by scrolling down.

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