Artist Makes Illustrations That Most 80s/90s Kids Will Relate To

These images will make childhood alive of the 80s and 90s kids

The best moment of everybody’s life is their childhood. We do many insane and crazy things without thinking a second time. Those things are totally illogical and senseless. But this thing made our childhood unforgettable. Now that we have grown up and look back to our childhood, then we realize that how dumb we were in our childhood. But still, those memories make us happy and fill our eyes with tears.

The Indonesian artist Dhany Pramata is very famous on Instagram for his funny comics and illustrations. He created some comics for the 80s and 90s kids which will make alive their childhood.

Scroll to the end of the article to see some senseless moments of our life and don’t forget to share your childhood’s best moment.

1. Playing with curtains

2. Listening music was so cool that time>

3. When you are getting bored while watching Television

4. Putting your notebook on the top is the risky job

5. Admit it we all did these things in school

6. While passing rallying making this sound was so satisfying

7. Don’t know why we did that

8. Balancing the button between On and Off

9.  Tapping ladders while climbing

10. If you can do this You are a magician

11. Playing with water

12. Spider-man

13. Painful but so satisfying

14. Seeing people in different colors

15. Playing with remote while watching television

16. Most senseless thing we did

17. Walking on a thin line or I’ll be killed