Artist illusttates Comics With His Girlfriend About Their Love

Marriage is one of the most important part of everyone’s life and every individuals wants to have a perfect match. This journey is simple when both the individuals understand and support eachother. People generally have a notion that getting married is maybe the end of romance Or life gets too boring. But it doesn’t because it totally depend on yourself, how you and your partner give time to eachother, how both of you live it by doing crazy things and especially when you have a partner who is your friend and can get all the crazy stuffs with you then married life actually does get a hell lot of exciting!

The Artist Pete illustrates his everyday life and conversation with his wife Kellie in hilarious and worthy comics. He has drawn it with his girlfriend almost everyday for 5 years and they are blessed with a daughter named Poppy. They have 111k followers on Instagram. He is posting his everyday life illustrations on their Instagram.

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Married life is full of sacrifices and patience. Although, it demands tons of love, trust and attachment everyday to keep that bond more stronger.


“I started keeping a list of ideas on my phone whenever something funny happened,” the Brighton, England-based illustrator said. “The collection of drawings gradually grew and it was fun to document silly things we would say or do.”


“I still make the illustrations for Kellie ― and Poppy now, for when she is older and can look back on them,” he said.