Artist Hilariously Illustrates Struggles Of Being A Tall Girl

If you think you can appear a little more stunning and reach out to that top rack, and you think it is fun, then I feel a little sorry for you. Because maybe it is fun, but that is all to be a tall person. And if you still think that tall people can have it all and better because they do not need to stand on their tiptoes when they stand behind the people in the crowd then, you are sadly mistaken.

Therefore, now let us face reality. So, it is all fun and games until you head outdoors and someone screams *Hey, what is the temperature up there?* Or, maybe when you sit in an automobile, and there is no space for your beautiful tall legs. So, admit it, being a tall person is not easy. So, the struggles of being a towering person are real, and people need to go easy on them.

If you are a so tall person and feel that you relate to all this, you must meet this artist. She illustrated her experience and depicted the battles of being a tall girl so nicely. And yes, so I must tell you they are all on point!
So, scroll down and look at how a regular day looks like in the life of a tall girl. And after watching this, you still think that being tall is more fun, then think again! | Instagram | Facebook