Artist Draw Everyday Life With Her Boyfriend In 30 Hilarious Comics

Sarah Graley is the British illustrator behind the comic “Our Super Adventure”.

She’s currently living with four cats and “one cat-like boy” who is actually her boyfriend, Stef. An aspiring illustrator, Sarah finds delight in making comics about her daily life with her five other housemates!

‘Our Super Adventure’ has been a webcomic since 2012. It’s a diary comic all about me, my partner Stef, and our four cats! And in 2015, I ran my first Kickstarter project to create a printed collection of 200.

She has over 655k followers on instagram. Check our her illustrations and these will remind you about your relationship… Just kidding..but you will definitely love her work.

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‘Our Super Adventure‘ is based on the small and funny things that happened in her life. The self-employed comic illustrator shares that apart from her passion for drawing, she also makes comics to create a sort of diary of their life together.


“I really love telling stories of the goofy things me and my partner get up to, and drawing – so it made sense to combine the two and start drawing diary comics!” Sarah told Bored Panda. “It’s been such a nice way to document mine and Stef’s relationship over the years.” She works from a studio at home where she has a room dedicated solely to making comics. “It was always a dream of mine growing up,” she says. “I love it! And working from home is great because I get to hang out with my cats all day.”