This Italian Artist Creating Magic With His Creativity

We, humans, are mortal, but well, art isn’t. Art has been one of the most instrumental change-makers in shaping humanity, and if there is something that’s beyond discrimination, it’s an art form. And talking about inspirations, it’s the artists who are the forerunners of bringing the change in the world and making it a better place, one masterpiece at a time.

Say hello to Alessandro D’Alcantara! The ace illustrator and graphic designer who has been mastering the art of creating breathtaking portrayals for quite a while now. So what awakens the artist in Alessandro? And is his artwork just for fun, or does it depict something? His origin, his inspiration, or whatever makes you curious about this super talented artist and his artwork – we have it covered.

Source: Instagram

Inspiration or Inheritance

The first question dancing in your head would be where is Alessandro from, and whether his artwork is a sheer result of his genes, or risen out of inspiration?

Alessandro: “I was born in southern Italy, specifically in Tricarico, a small town in the province of Matera. I have always been very attached to art since the days of asylum, it is thanks to my father that I love art because it is from him that I took the artistic vein.”

What about the journey?

We asked Alessandro to tell us about the trajectory of his career path to date. To which he said:

“From my childhood to today I have always tried to create and transform everything that surrounds me, for example, I love decorating my clothes and making them become unique works of art. At the moment I am a university student and I work as a social aid in companies as well as create graphics on commission. Very important for me is Instagram which allows me to let me know and show what I do to everyone, my official profile is related to this my life.”

Favorite Art-piece?

You must as well be curious to know which of his artworks is the most valuable to him. And to this question, his response was quite touching.

He said, “Every piece of mine has an inestimable value because in this way everything I’ve done has come to tell me and get awards for which I’ve always fought.”

What’s up with the youth?

What do you think attracts the youth today? Well, here’s what Alessandro thinks:

“All that is immediate and never predictable fresco, you need to study and stay up to date on the trends even in art.”

Art is for fun…

So are Alessandro’s artwork just for fun or do they symbolize something more?

Alessandro: “My works were born for fun, but over time they have acquired an inestimable value for my followers and enthusiasts, so much so as to create countless pages similar to mine.”

The best compliment…

We asked Alessandro about the best compliment he has received so far, and this is what he said –

“The compliments that give more pleasure are those of celebrities, but the most important ones are those of the people who have been following me for a long time and have always believed in me since the first moment, and they believe in my art and in the message of positivity and that is the base of the latter.”

Alessandro’s future plans…

What about his future plans, and where he sees himself in the next five years? So here is what he has to say about that.

“I see myself more confident in what I have cultivated over the years and ready to experiment with the ever art and with those who want to collaborate with my person, I hope to find a person who shares my passion with me and wouldn’t mind winning a lottery!”

What would you choose?

What must be more important for Alessandro – creativity or publicity? Let’s know his views.

“I believe that creativity and advertising are inseparable, it is indispensable for each other to function alone. Art needs advertising to be widespread and advertising needs creativity to be impactful.”

Tech is a part of life, isn’t it?

What do you think about how tech-savvy must Alessandro would be? And we also asked him if he uses any particular software to enhance his art. This is what he says:

“I believe that technology helps us, artists, to be more productive. I can no longer leave home without my iPad and pen, but getting my hands dirty with paints and brushes is always more fun and creative.”

Hard work always pays off, what about teamwork?

What does he prefer – working alone or working with a team?

“We start with a solitary job because we want to know our defects as much as possible and improve our strengths to be able to work in the best possible way in groups. We know that the union gives strength even to creatives.”

I hope you enjoyed the interview as much as we did and must be as inspired and impressed by Alessandro as we are.