Artist Creates Nightmare-Inducing Illustrations & They’re Are Not For The Easily Frightened

There are so many scary things which are in our mind and especially which happens in night time only. Ofcourse, many of those are not real.

Do you ever think why you sometimes feel a presence near you, what is hiding under your bed, see a shadow when no one is around? And when you turn off your lights at night and it’s really dark and you just feel you are being watched and still don’t get scared.

Artist Stefan Koidl from Austria, his specialty includes the art of making illustrations which are creepy and weird. He makes different types of art also and his digital stories are loved by people from all over the world. If you love to see these types of scoopy drawing ideas then scroll down.




“Unfortunately, over the time, I lost track and focused more on video games. There was a point 3-4 years ago when I told myself ‘why not try painting again?’ It was always my dream to paint as good as the artists on, e.g. ‘Magic the Gathering.’ So I began learning digital art and painted on a daily base. I am currently focusing on digital art and still love to create new dark drawings every day”