Artist Haley Created 30 Comics About Mental Health And Day To Day Life

Haley Weaver created some amazing comics about everyday life which includes relationships, mental health and so many other conditions of human life. These comics connect the inner and the outer, individual and the collective. You can say these are about everyday’s stuff. This might amaze you but Haley’s work is complex and it can not be portray by anyone. She has more than 307k followers on instagram.

Source:- Instagram


Haley went in a small liberal art school at Gettysburg College. She took a civil war course. She studied english with a writing concentration and participated in swim team.

For overcoming stress and feel present she found that sitting down and focusing on drawing- like penning the curve of circle or the corner of square. “It makes my brain feel less like a livewire and more like a spark,” she told.


“I’ve always loved doodling. When I first started my art account, my goal was to draw regularly while making art that connected with people. I think my style has transformed over the years, but still feels rooted in that original goal.”

“I love seeing people tag their friends in the comments or direct message me to say that my drawing helped them or inspired them or simply made them happy. That’s been the coolest—to feel like I’m making an impact beyond what I ever could’ve before.”