Animals, Wildlife, and Nature Illustrations (9 Pics)

Painting on the photoshop app is wonderful as compared to drawing on pen and paper. This will be giving some effects to the drawing and looks at the original effects. The facility of zooming in and zooming out is also provided by photoshop. The brush for softening the edges is also found in the photoshop. The users may even see some tutorials for giving it the best look.

#1 a happy squirrel

Squirrel is either very small or medium in size. These are categorized into three categories which are tree squirrels, ground squirrels, and flying squirrels.

#2 furry deer

Mostly deer are mammals that are the part of Cervidae family. These are mostly found in the tundra and tropical rainforest region.

#3 clever fox

Fox is also found in the small or the medium size. They are having flattened top, triangular ears, and a long tail that is very much bushy.

#4 hairy yak

Yak belongs to the cow family which is having long hair with big horns. They are mostly found in central Asia.

#5 pussy cat

It is a domestic animal that comes under the carnivorous animal.

#6 alpaca goat

The alpaca goat is very much similar to the goat. These are found in America.

#7 a faithful dog

The dog is also a domestic animal that is very much faithful and friendly to human beings.

#8 a dirty pig

The pig is an omnivorous mammal.

#9 tall giraffe

The giraffe is the tallest mammal in terrestrial places.