25 Amazing Memories Of 21st Century

Images recreate the memories. Some of them will feel your heart with happiness and some of them will make you cry, but it’s life. Every image is important in our life because they are not just ordinary images, they are the philosophy of life. Whenever we saw any picture then we can live that moment again. And those philosophies help us to heal our heart.

Once the photographer said ‘If tomorrow will be the end of the world, I will spend my today by looking at the picture of my past.’

This article is full of images which is a milestone in humankind. Some moments you remember and some will be new for you so don’t miss any image and tell us which was new for you.

1. Micro-Earth

Saturn image is taken from the Cassini spacecraft. The tiny red circle you are seeing is Earth(2006).

2. Tribute

This scene is known as Tribute in light. It is created in the memory of the Twin tower attack(2006).

3. Reunion

Terri Gurrola A lady soldier reunited with her daughter after 7 months.

4. You can feel the sorrow

The people of Virginia gather after The Tech shooting to show their sorrows.

5. Humanity lost

A tribe woman holding her child while Amazon’s state policemen trying to evacuate the natives (2008).

6. New record celebration

Michael Phelps celebrating after winning his 14th Gold medal, the highest by any individual. (2008).

7. Recession

Wolf street in the middle of the Global Financial crisis (2008).

8. First Black President

Barack Obama with his family after winning the presidential election which makes him the first African American president.

9. Sometimes nature is cruel

A person holds his face after rain destroyed the remains of his home which was already destroyed by a cyclone in Yangon, Myanmar (2008).

10. Beautiful attempt

4 out of 7 rhinos were airlifted from the Czech Republic and shifted to a park in Africa in order to save them from extinction (2009).

11. Lucky passengers

US Flight 1549 made a crash landing on the Hudson river but luckily not a single passenger was harmed (2009).

12. Topless Putin

President Putin while enjoying the vacation and hunting in the forest (2009).

13. Nice gesture

A fireman helping a Koala after saving him from a bushfire in Australia (2009).

14. Happy face

Kiki 7-year-age boy rescued from the ruins of the Haiti earthquake (2010).

15. Helping hands

Jaqueline Kiplimo helps a disabled Chinese athlete in drinking water during a Marathon (2010).

16. That pose was actually from out of the world

Tracy Caldwell looking at Earth from the International Space Station (2010).

17. Too much pollution

This is how smoke clouds look at the controlled burn of spilled oil off the Louisiana coast of the Mexico coastline (2010).

18. He is a survivor

Chilen Miners trapped in a mine for 21 days (2010).