Funniest And Most Hilarious Adult Observations Of Their Favorite Disney Films.

Disney has always tried their best in entertaining the whole world. They have made my childhood worth remembering. I can still recall sitting on that floor for hours in front of the TV waiting for Mickey Mouse, M.A.D and many more. Disney has always tried to be the best and for the kids of our generation, Disney is still at the top. The Only mission of the Walt Disney Company is to entertain, inform and inspire the people all over the world through the power of unparalleled story telling, reflecting the brands, creative minds and innovative technology which makes this company the premier entertainment company all over the world.

I loved Disney as a kid and i guess everyone did. I thought the movies were awesome and the idea and creativity is at the top. I have seen all of the movies. But now we have the Disney+ so that all the four to five years old can enjoy all the films while sitting at home. Disney+ has basically provided with all the old classics and people are still re-watching them if they have not seen in years. As a result, there has been some of the most funniest and hilarious adult observations of some of your favorite kid films.

Now here at savage humans we came up with best of these observations and seriously they are funny.

Scroll down below to have some fun.

1. I guess Mickey Mouse is soon going to rule the whole Disney.

2. Now seriously you should have use “fin” instead of “The End”.

3. Seriously she does not remember the rest.

4. Now i really want to ask her what the hell was she thinking turning herself into an old hag? Seriously Dumb.

5. Well i guess it should be exactly about 90 minutes.

6. What you guys think?

7. He does not have any friend in humans, clearly he was not interested in humans.

8. I think her dress was much more beautiful than her face.

9. … Don’t kink shame.

10. This movie teaches a lot of parents, the lessons of how to be a good parent.

11. Hakuna Matata.

12. Seriously this is all i am thinking right now.

13. Is it really true? What do you guys think?

14. I agree on this. Rookie Evil Mother.

15. So far I know only one Ursula and she is the twin sister of phoebe from friends.

16. Is it real?

17. I heard she had a hammer-toe that’s why she had a very different foot size.

18. Yeah i agree, the most saddest part.

19. What were the writers thinking?

20. Rapunzel’s brain and neck are very strong.

21. It’s true and it wouldn’t matter at all.

22. Tell this to the four year’s old Mickey Mouse Club house obsessed kid.

23. Advantage of having smaller boobs.

24. …. Just think about it.

25. I cried over and over. Truly in love with the movie.

26. Marketing Scheme.

27. Save the trees and be the hero.

28. This is funny. I bet how he is able to kiss her without knowing what actually she want?

29. This is the main reason why i am i in love with this movie.

30. A book worm and a nerd can think of anything.

31. He was never aware of the fact that he was just a toy.

32. Irresponsible dads be like.

33. A lot of money and a lot of furniture.