Artist’s Adorably Spooky Illustrations Of Sally And Jack With A Family

What happened when The Nightmare Before Christmas ended?

Did Sally and Jack continue on ‘living’? in spite of everything, they’re immortal. Well, according to this artist, they did a great deal a lot of as well as some activities that led to them having children. currently, we all aware they couldn’t technically have children since they aren’t alive. however, if we watch a movie with a talking skeleton, I think we could put it aside logic. thus I’m not happy with the approach this artist thinks things would have turned out.

And it’s quite sweet to see Jack and Sally getting along so well while dealing with parenthood and all the chaos that children bring. So if you ever wanted to see what their children would look like, you are in luck. Their kids would be carbon copies of their father rather than inheriting something from Sally as well.

Scroll down and take a look for yourself.

Source: Facebook

#1 Having a baby is not easy.

#2 By the looks, I can tell they have been quite busy.

#3 It was love at first sight for them.

#4 Oh now I understand why they ended up with so many kids.

#5 Such great parents?