Depressed Guy Adopted a Cat and Illustrates How The Cat Helped Him Over The Past 2 Months

Cats are fluffy and adorable and one can’t deny the fact but they might not have the best reputation. Most of us might describe cats as heartless, selfish and cold animals. They can be complete troublemakers by leaving gifts for their owners on the carpet or maybe destroying your favorite couch. But then they can also form secure bonds with their owners just like other pets do. No matter how arrogant or aloof these fluffy creatures might act they really do care about their owners. Just like this cat of Yash Pandit. Yash is an artist and illustrator from Mumbai, India and has been struggling with mental health issues for long. Although he worked really hard to get over it, he still needed a little help and his cat was there to do so.

He said “I chose Bagheera because I always wanted a dark-colored cat, There’s always this stupid superstition surrounding dark cats about them being bad luck, so not many people wanted him anyway. But mostly because out of all of the kittens there, he was the one I connected with, he was very calm, loving and always looking to cause some mischief. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him.”

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